• Birthdate: 01/11

  • Hometown: Foothills of California

  • Influences: Neal Schon, Dave Murray, Kirk Hammett, Rick Emmett, Randy Rhoads, & many others

  • First Concert: Inxs

  • Gear: Solar Guitars exclusively, Kemper w\ Matrix Amplification & speaker cabinets, GHS strings PickGuy guitar Picks, Kylla custom rock wear

I started playing guitar at 9 years of age. My influences at that time were Neal Schon & Dave Murray. I think it is important to note I wanted to sing as well. I would sit in my room and sing Journey songs at the top of my lungs. Thankfully enough I chose to play guitar and emulate my influences. I did this until I was 19 years old before completely disappearing from music altogether while battling my own demons. It wasn't until I was 28 years old that I turned my life around. Over the next 13 years I played along to my favorite albums in my bedroom believing that this and campfires songs were what I was destined to do with my musical talent. In 2012 I joined an Iron Maiden tribute band called "Maiden California" and had a 3 year run before parting ways to join a local band called "Cryptic Ruins". During this time I was also playing in a cover band called "Radio Heavy". While performing in Cryptic Ruins we played a show with Niviane and I became friends with their guitarist Mark Miner. Shortly afterwards I began to take guitar lessons from Mark. Niviane had just parted ways with their other guitarist and were looking for a replacement. Mark asked me if I was interested in the position. It did not take me long to make the decision. In 2015 I parted ways with my other projects and started my musical journey with Niviane. I love our music, our chemistry and what we are about. I firmly believe that each storm life has brought my way has led me here. "Never give up on your dreams or else you give up on yourself". Currently I live in the foothills of the Sierra's in a very small community roughly 2 hours outside of Sacramento, CA. 

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