• Influences: George Kollias, Randy Black, Mike Pornoy, Aquiles Priester, Horacio El Negro Hernandez, Chris Adler and many many more, as drummers and with their respective bands and projects, also like Latin Jazz, salsa and mariachi music all that combined influence what I do on drums.

  • First Concert: I don’t really remember but I do remember going to a Carlos Santana concert and this one was one of the first and very memorable, it was amazing to see Karl Perazzo on timbales and Raul Rico congas (RIP) Work together and Deniss chamber on drums, all 3 did amazing job and perhaps that’s why I remember that one concert and very influential for me.

  • Influential Albums: I think the most important and influential Albums for me are the live albums cuz they capture the energy of a drummer and the sound of it

    1.-Halford Live Insurrection
    2.-Mana en Vivo
    3.-Santana sacred fire Live in South America
    4.- Slipknot 9.0 Live
    And many more

  • Favorite Movie: The Mambo Kings

  • Hobbies\Interests: I listen lots of audiobooks and I still collect cds and album covers as a hobby.

  • Gear: I use Pearl Drums I own 4 drum kits and all pearl, also use Alessis module for my kick, and Roland triggers.
    I use Sabian cymbals Vater drumsticks and Evans Drumheads

  • Favorite Quote: "Treat people as you like to be treated (respect and love)"

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