• Birthdate: 08/21

  • Hometown: Albert Lea, MN

  • Influences: Gene Simmons, Geddy Lee, Geezer Butler, Cliff Burton, David Ellefson

  • First Concert: Judas Priest & Dokken [05/25/86]

  • Influential Albums: Kiss - Alive, Queensryche - Operation Mindcrime, Rush - Hemispheres, Led Zeppelin - Physical Graffiti, Slayer - South of Heaven

  • Favorite Movies: John Carpenter's "Prince of Darkness", Revenge of The Nerds, Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas, Star Wars Episodes IV, V, & VI, The Matrix

  • Hobbies\Interests: Craft beers, Book shopping\Internet research (Subjects: Conspiracies, The Paranormal, Music biographies), Discovering new music & bands, Trying new restaurants, Horror films & the genre in general, Collecting hot sauces, Buying as many band shirts as I can to support the bands I like

  • Gear: BC Rich basses, ESP basses, Carvin & Hartke bass amp heads, Hartke cabinets

  • Favorite Quote: "Mentors 24-7!!!"

My musical journey started when I saw & heard KISS on television in the 1st grade. That was the exact moment when I knew what I wanted to be. This formative experience has never went away and continues with me to this day. I started out playing air guitar with my brother Rian, rocking to KISS on my JCPenny 8-track\phonograph player with our plastic toy KISS guitars. I finally got my first real guitar at age 12. My parents, who I can thank for the Encore Ace Frehley sunburst Les Paul imitation guitar & Holmes 40 watt combo amp, enrolled me in private guitar lessons. My teacher was a great guy named Jerry who owned Northside Music Store in my hometown. I took lessons from him for 2 years, but during that time he refused to teach me rock n' roll, so I hooked up with some friends at school and we started jamming. I started playing bass guitar at age 15, at which time we formed our first band, "Mirror Image". This changed to "Tantrum" by my senior year in high school where I spent many weekends playing covers at the local bars. After high school I took some time off from music to attend college. In 1994 I picked up the bass again. My brother Rian and I formed a cover band which played in the Minneapolis/St. Paul MN area for a year or so. In 1996 we formed our first original metal band, 21st Century Sin. We recorded a full length CD at Oarfin Studios in Minneapolis, released the CD in 1998 with distribution through Root of All Evil Records and played many shows locally. We gained some nice publicity with reviews in Metal Maniacs & Metal Hammer magazines. After the release of our second album the band split-up in 2000. I then joined a newly formed band looking for a bassist, Seventh Calling. We gigged consistently locally and toured the Midwest region of the U.S. playing a killer brand of Judas Priest-inspired Metal. Creative differences led to my departure from Seventh Calling in 2003. I rejoined Seventh Calling briefly in 2006, but once again line-up changes, poor band management & general dysfunction made me realize being in that band was not in my best interests and I left again. Following that short-lived debacle, I filled in on bass for the Minneapolis band Cold Colours for almost a year. After spending 10 years playing locally in the Minneapolis/St. Paul & Mid-west regions I felt burnt out & discontent with the scene and took a much needed break from being in a band. During this time I focused on learning home-recording techniques, software & applications. I also used this time to hone my songwriting skills which proved to be useful in the coming years. In 2012 I came to the conclusion that I had accomplished all I could in Minnesota, both personally & professionally. My brother Rian had moved to Sacramento, CA in the early 2000's, so I packed up all my possessions and moved to California as well. Once I overcame the initial discomfort of living in a new state & not knowing anyone I began visiting the local bars and clubs to network with people and find other musicians in the area. I noticed an ad online for a band named Restrayned who were looking for a bass player. I auditioned for them and landed the gig. I played with Restrayned for a year but once again the stereotypical issue of "creative differences" reared its ugly head and I left. I spent the next year contemplating my next move when I received a call from Claudeous Creamer, whom I had met at several local metal shows. He said he was looking to form a new band and wanted to know if I was interested. He had also spoken with Mark Sprague who I had previously played with in Restrayned. We had a meeting at a local Starbucks which was where I met Mark Miner for the first time. I played them some demos of the songs I had written and I got to hear some of Mark's demos as well. I knew these were guys I could be on the same page with musically. Niviane was born on that day. And so here we are. The journey continues... 

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