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Spring 2016 Music Update

A quick recap and then onto new news. If you have been following the happenings in the Niviane camp this year you know we had a couple necessary line-up changes this year parting ways with Claudeous Creamer (Guitar) & Mark Sprague (Drums). We were very excited and fortunate to welcome to the fold Gary Tarplee (ex-Cryptic Ruins) & Noe Luna (Skinner, 3 Lunas). The band has finished writing for our debut album “The Druid King” and are currently in the studio recording this beast.

Drums have been completed and mixed and on June 5th we are back at Alien Productions Studios to begin guitar tracking. During this process we’ve been performing live each month not to neglect you all! HA HA! The tracks in no particular order that will appear on the album are:

• The Druid King • Adrestia • Into Twilight • Gladiator • Heaven Overflow • March of the Jötunn • The Berserker • Watch The Banners Fall • War of Immortals • Elegy • Arise Samurai

In case you missed the previous news you can hear some bits and pieces of what to expect by watching our “Studio Diary Pt. 1” here:

We are already hard at work on writing for our 2nd album and have about 6 songs in the works already. So you can expect a steady stream of music from Niviane!!

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