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2016 End of Year Update

Another year in the books and that means a musical update for all of our fans! Niviane has already been asked to be part of many great upcoming shows. Our debut album being engineered by the man himself Mr. JK Northrup is almost complete. Our dear friend Aaron Robitsch of Graveshadow has been so awesome in lending his time to write and record the keyboards and is finishing the last handful of songs. Band photos for the album are being edited by badass photographer Kevin Graft and artist extraordinaire Dusan Markovic is about to begin working on the cover art for our debut "The Druid King".

We are already receiving interest from radio, promotion & management companies based on posted live show performances alone which blows our minds. Plus we have our own connections on standby for when the promotional material is ready. There will absolutely be a full tour in the works for Summer or Fall 2017 to support the album. Not to mention we will begin recording our sophomore effort this year as well. We already have enough songs for a new one. Thank you all for your continued support!!!

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