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Niviane partners with TRF Booking Agency

TRF Booking agency is proud in being the European Booking Agency for NIVIANE... . IVIANE delivers Power Metal with that little extra... . They are hailing from Sacramento - California. Started somewhere in the Fall of 2014 they had one thing in mind: bring an new breed of American Power Metal. This is build on influences of classic heavy metal and modern European heavy metal... . After a short while the band started to work on songs and within no time the first three tracks were demoed... . Due to high octane fueled shows the band began to run on a beautiful series of live performances throughout the West Coast of the States and building up a name for themselves even without having a released album behind them... . In between shows NIVIANE were working on new songs for the upcoming debut album "The Druid King" which they started to record in May 2016 with JK Northrup at the helm. After the major bulk of the tracks were recorded the band decided to add keyboards to the songs and give them more body and the feel NIVIANE had in mind... . As a teaser the band released the opener song of "The Druid King" called "The Berserker". Here is the link and get ready to be blown away by it... NIVIANE: "The Berserker" (Taken from "The Druid King"):

The band is currently searching for a record label and release "The Druid King"!!

Booking and info on NIVIANE:

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