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The Berserker Casting Call

As many of you that follow the band closely are aware we have been planning a music video for some time and due to touring, recording and other scheduling conflicts the video kept getting put on hold. Well the time is finally here and we are officially launching our search for extras. This isn't going to be your average music video and should be something fantastic!! We are looking for multiple parts to be filled.

MEN: We need 2 armies. One to be Viking so long or short hair and beards\ facial hair is recommended.

MEN: Shorter hair with minimal to no facial hair for the without getting too technical we'll say Saxon army.

WOMEN: We are looking for just a few very fit with a gothic look for battlefield valkyries.

WOMEN: We are also open to having a few viking shield maidens in the battle as well if interested.

Please visit our website to officially apply. You can't miss the link on the main page.

We are very excited and look forward to creating something spectacular with you!!

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