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Niviane release new album cover & details

Niviane release new album cover & details

The new album titled “The Ruthless Divine” was engineered by Zack Ohrenof Castle Ultimate Productions (known for producing albums for such bands as All Shall Perish & Machine Head among others). The phenomenal album artwork seen below was once again created by the extremely talented freelance illustrator Dusan Markovic. The full native version of the artwork created for this album is shown below:


1. League of Shadows 2. Crown of Thorns 3. Dreams Crash Down 4. The Ruthless Divine 5. Fires In The Sky 6. Fallen From Elysium 7. Forgotten Centurion 8. Niviane 9. Psychomanteum 10. Sinking Ships 11. Like Lions

The band will be recording a new music video this weekend for the track "Fires In The Sky". For those unfamiliar with the band... Niviane are a heavy U.S.Power Metal band hailing from Sacramento, California. Their last music video for the song “The Berserker” can be viewed here:

Additionally, the band has announced they have partnered with management company Highway Star Productions headed up by Abbey Loso. The timing is perfect as the group prepares to spearhead the release of the new album through an as yet undisclosed label in late Spring 2020.

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