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Niviane - December 2019 Update

Been a busy couple months for Niviane…

Our upcoming album “The Ruthless Divine” is DONE!!! We recently released the album cover and track details and are hoping to release it late Spring 2020. To say we are extremely proud of this upcoming release would be a huge understatement. We’ve put a lot of time and energy in perfecting these songs and the album sounds spectacular thanks to Zack Ohren of Castle Ultimate Studios.

Unfortunately, most of you will have to wait quite a while still before you are able to hear it. However, for our local fans and those willing to travel we will be having a special listening party & acoustic show on February 7th at The Starlet Lounge in Sacramento. Tickets will be available on our website by the end of the week.

We also announced the addition of our newest member, Keyboardist Aaron Robitsch to the band’s ranks. It was a long time coming as Aaron recorded on both albums and really is that missing piece of the Niviane puzzle. We are super excited for the future of the band with Aaron on board.

We recently completed a music video shoot with RAADhouse films for the song “Fires In The Sky” from our upcoming album. It was a long and cold shoot but our actors and crew were pros and the raw footage I was seeing looked spectacular. We have no doubt you all will love it once it’s completed. Hopefully everyone will see it in a few months once completed. In the meantime, go and watch our last music video below for “The Berserker” to hold you over.

Niviane are definitely planning for a very large tour in 2020 to support the release of “The Ruthless Divine”. We do have a couple local dates on the calendar already and many more in the works including a very special 1 time performance of the entire “The Druid king” album in its running order on January 11th at The Boardwalk in Orangevale, CA. You can buy tickets through our website and save door fees via the link below. While there check out all the merchandise and deals we have going on.

Always staying busy and forward thinking we are working on a few other special things and of course writing for album number 3. Thank you for your ongoing support and do stay tuned as we have much more awesome things headed your way.

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