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Niviane Completes Recording Music Video for "The Berserker"

Yesterday was simply AMAZING!!!! The planning stages for this music video began a year and a half ago and we knew back then it was going to be a big production and huge undertaking but those of you that know and follow Niviane know we like to do things big!! The video was a 2 location shoot with the 1st taking place beginning at 9AM in Mountain Ranch, CA. The shoot lasted until almost 5PM. We shot in very cold temperatures, high winds, thunder & lightning, rain and yes hail!!! Odin definitely smiled down on our battle!! LOL!!! I never once heard anyone complain and saw nothing but smiles and enthusiasm. We truly have the best fans and will always look to incorporate them into our videos if we can. On behalf on Niviane and myself we want to publicly thank the following people for all their hard work. Without you this upcoming video wouldn't be possible. 1st off our Director Ryan Adams. You and your team were on it the entire time. 100% professional and kept everything running smoothly regardless of obstacles. The locations you helped nail down were perfect. Ryan please pass along our sincere gratitude to your crew as they did a spectacular job. Our costume designer Marina Gardea who literally stayed up all night finishing outfits for the shoot. As you can see from some of the pictures below they look fabulous. Jamie Salazar for not only heading up all the hair, make-up and even some special wound effects but also for your part in the very cold night shoot. Kassy Pond for your assistance with hair & make-up and for you part in both the day and night shoots as well. You showed up thinking you were just doing hair and make-up... NOPE! Ha! Tara Gardea for your assistance with hair & make-up. Jamie, Kassy & Tara you really helped to transform our fans into warriors. We'd like to thank each of our Viking Warriors & Shield Maidens. You had the toughest job and suffered the most. Laying dead in muddy cold waters while it is hailing on you... I mean... WOW! That's a story!! Aaron Couch, Alan Griggs, Arthur Henry, Christian Thomas, Christina Moore Skinner, Dawn LeAnn, Debbie Dejas, Duane Mullen, Eric Smith, Fox Ewen Scott Stubbs, Jason Grafton, Jeff Amador, Jess Gilmore, Jon Lardner, Kendall Mullen, Marie Dennis, Matt Lawson, Mike Brown, Paige Fuller, Robbin Stubbs,Scott Flatt, Steven Cobra Loeffers, Wendy Terrell we thank you so very much!! John Thomas... our star!! Thank you for bringing the Berserker to life and for killing pretty much everyone!! LOL!! Special thank you to Katie Wood Tarplee for opening your home to all of us. We used your dryer, tracked mud everywhere, you shuttled us to and from location. We all very much appreciate all you did for each and every one of us. Alex Macias, thank you for spending your day with us documenting all the action!! I am adding a few of my favorite shots to this post. I can't wait to see how this all comes together!!! Lastly, a big thank you to my brothers in arms Gary Tarplee, Mark D. Miner, Noe Luna & Rick Stallkamp. No one I would rather freeze my ass off with while rocking out creating a video late into the night.

Stay tuned!!! More amazing things coming from Niviane!!

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