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Niviane Announces New Drummer

Pure Steel Records recording artists Niviane have announced that the band has parted ways with long-time drummer Noe Luna. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic Noe was effected especially hard and unable to dedicate the amount of time and energy needed to continue with the group. The mutual decision was made by both the band & Noe that Niviane should continue on in his absence. Niviane wish Noe Luna much success in any and all of his future musical endeavors.

This news comes just as the band is preparing for the upcoming release of their 2nd full-length and much anticipated release “The Ruthless Divine”. Noe Luna can be seen in the upcoming Niviane music video for the single “Fires In The Sky” which was

previously filmed prior to his departure. Pure Steel Records will be releasing more information on the album and video shortly.Now for the really exciting news. Niviane are extremely excited to announce the addition of new drummer Isaiah AR (Hip Service\Restrayned) to the bands ranks. Isaiah known for his time with CSU Sacramento Symphonic Wind Ensemble, CSU Sacramento Percussion Studio & the very popular band Fallrise is a true student of music and an artist when it comes to his craft. He compliments the musical prowess that Niviane have come to be known for and fans are in for a real treat once live shows resume.

Niviane are currently working on the 1st batch of songs with Isaiah that will eventually be featured on the bands 3rd release.

Two additional upcoming music videos that will feature Isaiah are now in the planning stages as well. Niviane want to thank all their fans for their patience regarding the Covid delays with the upcoming album and stay tuned... things are about to get awesome!!


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